The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 10th, 2018 at the Village Offices with no guest present.

Trustees Present: Liz Wenning, Kylie Lange, Keith Selhorst, Amber Evers, Brittany Uhlenhake, Mindy Schwieterman, Sher Stahl, Jack Schwegman, Nathan Burtch, Brad Niekamp, and Jason Wood & Eric Thomas.

President Liz Wenning called the meeting to order at 7:29 a.m.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Keith Selhorst, where he reviewed the March treasurer’s report. The main expenses were to finish up the banquet held in February. We also reviewed the 2018 budget proposal and saw no changes.

The reports were motioned for approval by Jason Wood and seconded by Mindy Schwieterman. Motion carried.

Checking Balance – $24,661.46

Gift Certificate Balance – $14,615.04

Past Due Members – Keith reported that all past due members have been contacted. 4 of these members are local and he is going to reach out to them once more. We have 11 that are past due who are not local members or have closed their business this year. Approval was granted by all trustees to remove those 11 members.

Secretary’s Report– the minutes from the March meeting were provided prior to the meeting date and handed out by Secretary, Kylie Lange. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Sher Stahl and seconded by Amber Evers. Motion carried.

. Committee Reports

Website/Social Media – Becca Wenning (previous trustee) sat down with Brad Niekamp and showed him everything she does so he could start taking over. Becca is going to continue to help with the graphics and upload of minutes to website. Liz Wenning is going to make Brad a Facebook administrator and help him with making Facebook posts. 

Taste of the Town – The date is set for June 5th, 2018. Sher Stahl is the chair for this event with Amber Evers being the co-chair. The vendor letters have been sent out and the first vendor meeting will be April 17th at the Village Office. Keith reported he has had a few vendors already make their payment. They presented the idea to possibly have a 50/50 at the event. The opening ceremony for the new amphitheater will begin around 6 PM with the High School Band & Choir followed by Empty Tank performing from 7 PM – 10 PM.

Circus – Eric Thomas reported he talked to Larry Wolf and the Circus will be coming to town again at the end of May. A few trustees are needed to help pass out donuts/juice/milk for circus workers.

Old Business

Shirts – Liz Wenning checked with Totally Promotional and they are willing to give the Chamber a discount to produce shirts for this year’s trustees. Liz is going to get a design together and get everyone sizes so we can have them by the Taste of the Town.

New Business

RXCut Cards – A discount drug card is available for anyone who works at chamber business. A digital copy of this card can be downloaded from This card is not accepted at Schwieterman’s Pharmacy in Coldwater.

Leadership Class – Liz Wenning never heard back from the Mercer County/Celina Chamber so she is going to contact them again. Mindy Schwieterman & Amber Evers are possibly interested in attending. Two trustees are hoping to attend, pending open spots.

Misc. Donation – A local business was asking for a donation to an event they are hosting this summer.  It was decided that the chamber would not donate but would help publicize their event.

Mindy Schwieterman motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Brittany Uhlenhake.  President Liz Wenning adjourned the meeting at 8:10 AM.


Save the Dates:

Taste Of The Town – June 5th, 2018

Hometown Christmas – November 18th, 2018

Chamber Banquet – February 13th, 2019