MINUTES  –  April 13, 2021

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held the monthly meeting at the Village Offices on Tuesday April 13, 2021 at 7:30am.

Trustees Present: Keith Kessen, Morgan Bechtol, Jon Dingledine, Eric Thomas, Gina Hess, Amy Spriggs, Kirstie Miller, Michelle Clune, Megan Stull, Kylie Twaits, Stacy Schwieterman, Jason Wood, and Bryce Schlater.

Brad Niekamp Downtown Christmas Lights 

  • Brad discussed the progress that was being made to purchase new, LED Pole Mounted Light Displays for downtown Coldwater, specifically Main Street between Mill and 4thStreets. Initial conversations with Temple Display (online vendor) and Lefeld Welding have been had in order to obtain pricing.

Officer Reports:
Treasurer’s Reportwas presented by Kylie Thwaits.

  • The reports were motioned to approve by Gina Hessand seconded by Amy Spriggs.
    Checking balance as of March 31, 2021: $31,261.84oGift Certificate balance as of March 31, 2021: $14,845.04Secretary’s Reportminutes from the March 9, 2021 were presented by Jon Dingledine. The minutes were motioned to approve by Stacy Schwieterman and seconded by Kirstie Miller.

Committee Report:

Banchi Trucking will be joining the chamber this year

  • Website/Social Media
    Amy Spriggs encouraged anyone who has information or news to share to let her know. Discussion was had about possibly doing business spotlights in order to provide additional value to our members.
  • Taste of the Town
    Keith Kessen provided an update on the event, which will be held on June 8th. Venture Linx will be distributing the flyers to area business and help with ticket bundling. Tailspin, Moeller Brew Bard, and Vineyard at Evergreen will be the wine and beer vendors this year. It was discussed that nonfood vendors do not need to register. The location of the Food Tent will be changed this year in an effort to get more of the crowd into the park. The band, Blind Date, will be playing from 7-9PM, and additional music will be provided before and after. The event will end at 10PM.

Committee Volunteers
Keith Kessen did provide a signup sheet to join committees of interest. The parade committee is one that additional discussion will need to be had about whether or not we want to participate this year.

Old Business:

  • Chamber TShirts
    Keith Kessen had available Chamber TShirts for those trustees needing one.
  • Vice President Approval
    Amy Spriggs volunteered for the Vice President role. Jon Dingledine made a motion to accept and Kylie Twaits seconded.
  • Business Directory
    Kim Ayers sent these out on the Chambers behalf to community members via their utility bill mailing.

New Business:

  • Ohio Business Week the chamber will not be participating this year.
  • Mercer County Leadership In Action Class chamber will need to decide if we are sponsoring anyone to attend this year. More information to come
  • Sun Screenings Jon will check to see if Mercer Health is doing their Sun Screening event, which the chamber donated lip balm to in the past
  • Where’s Charlie? discussion was had about bringing back the “Where’s Charlie?” idea, where Charlie would be put throughout the town and moved around.

Other Business:

  • Morgan Bechtol brought in muffins and drinks from McDonalds. Thanks Morgan!
  • Eric Thomas reminded the trustees that some businesses join the chamber in order to have access to an insurance program through SOCA
  • Stacy Schwieterman motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Jason Wood. President Keith Kessen adjourned the meeting at 8:18 A.M.