The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 at the Village Offices with no guest present.

Trustees Present: Keith Kessen, Jason Wood, Kirstie Miller, Gina Hess, Michelle Clune, Kylie Thwaits, and Eric Thomas

President Keith Kessen called the meeting to order at 7:32 A.M.

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Kylie Thwaits. The reports for July were motioned for approval by Jason Wood and seconded by Gina Hess. Motion carried.
    • Checking account balance as of July 31,2021= $31,553.27
    • Gift Certificate Balance as of July 31, 2021 – $18,885.04
  • Secretary’s Report– The minutes from the July meeting were provided prior to the meeting by President Keith Kessen. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Kirstie Miller and seconded by Michelle Clune. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

  • Membership
    • New Members= 1. Pennyjane Art Co. 2. Cavalier Nutrition
    • Michelle C mentioned about possibly sending post card to new or potential members that gives the members more info about the Chamber.
  • Website/ Social Media
    • Amy continues to post on social media on a regular basis

Old Business

  • Picnic Lemonade Stand
    • All thought the Lemonade stand went well. Gina H. made the suggestion about possibly making the first shift Sunday an hour earlier. She mentioned there was a line forming when her shift began at 3:00PM. Maybe begin at 2 or 2:30 for year 2022.

New Business

  • Where’s Charlie
    • Where’s Charlie was placed at Pennyjane Art Co. for the month of August and will be placed at a different business each month with December being last month.
  • Hometown Christmas
    • Date set for Sunday, November 21st, 2021
    • Kirstie M mentioned the Santa Scurry 5K that Briarwood holds will be set on the same date.
    • Jungle Island Zoo is tentatively scheduled to provide reindeer again.
    • Lininger Pony Rides out of St.Marys was mentioned to provide pony rides
    • Gina Hess to be Chair for Hometown Christmas along with Kirstie Miller, and Bryce Schlater are committee members.
    • Gina to reach out to past trustees about organizing event, and find out about train rides.
    • Discussion was made to do a few chamber gift certificate drawing at the event.


  • 2022 Chamber Banquet
    • Date tentatively set for Wednesday, February 9tht, 2022
    • COVID was briefly discussed and as of now we plan on moving forward with the banquet.

Other Business

  • New Member plaques
    • Keith ordered new plaques for the Chamber.
    • Invoice will be sent when all plaques arrive.

Gina Hess motioned to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Kirstie Miller.  President Keith Kessen adjourned the meeting at 8:09 AM.


Save the Dates:

Hometown Christmas –Sunday November 21th, 2021
2022 Chamber Banquet- Wednesday February 9th, 2022