MINUTES – August 9th, 2016
The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 at the Village Offices.
Trustees Present: Beth Butler, Angie Lefeld, Keith Selhorst, Kylie Lefeld, Elizabeth Wenning, Bob Hibner, Kerri Lauber, Becca Wenning, Jason Wood, and Eric Thomas.
The meeting was called to order by President Beth Butler at 7:30 am.
Officer Reports
Treasurer’s Report was presented by Keith Selhorst and was motioned by Bob Hibner and seconded by Kylie Lefeld. Motion carried.
Checking Balance – $26,244.18
Gift Certificate Balance – $10,212.54
Keith presented to the group that it was a light month with no revenue and a small amount of expenses from the WCSM radio spots. Should pick up as we move into the Fall. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Bob Hibner and seconded by Kylie Lefeld. Motion carried.
Secretary’s Report The minutes from the July trustee meeting were sent out prior to the meeting date and were provided by President, Beth Butler. The meeting minutes were approved, with a motion by Becca Wenning and seconded by Kerri Lauber.
Committee Reports
Membership Beth reported that we will be passing out membership packets to those not currently a member to make them aware of the benefits. A sample packet was passed around. Getting updated business listing from Eric.
Website/Social Media Currently nothing new to report.
Taste of the Town Reviewed the vendor surveys.
Parade The Chamber float won the Mayors award
Hometown Christmas Set for 11/20/16. Talked about new ideas and maybe make some changes.
Banquet Scheduled for 2/15/17. Bob Hibner confirmed the date with Marcia Homan of the Coldwater American Legion.
Old Business
Chamber 50 year celebration Ran newspaper ad and WCSM radio spots for members.
Leadership in Action winner Coldwater Dental was randomly drawn as the winner. Beth will send them a packet and remind them of the deadline to enter. They will be sending one of their current employees to the program that starts this fall.
Honoring student for work and volunteerism Beth spoke to Greg Homan of our ideas. This will need to be something the businesses nominate students for the recognition. The students would be those who are choosing not to go to College, but are choosing to go into the workforce immediately following High School graduation. A short presentation could be done at the banquet to honor the student chosen. Idea of presenting them with a portfolio to utilize for interviews.
New Business
Congressman Davidson Declined his request
Next two meetings Changing the next two meeting dates because of conflicts. The September meeting has been moved to Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 7:30 a.m. in the Village Office and the November meeting has been moved to Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. at Southside.
Meeting was adjourned by Beth with a motion from Eric Thomas, seconded by Liz Wenning.


Save the Dates:
Hometown Christmas – November 20, 2016
Banquet – February 15, 2017