The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held the monthly meeting at the Village Offices on Tuesday December 14, 2021
at 7:32 am

Trustees Present:Keith Kessen,Morgan Bechtol,Jon Dingledine, Eric Thomas, Kylie Thwaits,Amy Spriggs,and Michelle Clune


  • No guests present

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report –was presented by Kylie Thwaits.The reports were motioned to approve by Amy Spriggs and seconded by Michelle Clune

 ⦁ Checking balance as of November 30, 2021: $26,401.58

 ⦁ Gift Certificate balance as of November 30, 2021: $19,510.04

  • Secretary’s Report –minutes from theNovember 9, 2021 were presented by Jon Dingledine.The minutes were motioned to approve by Kylie Thwaits and seconded by Amy Spriggs

Committee Reports


 ⦁ Caresurance is joining the chamber. Keith is delivering the plaque today.

Website/ Social Media

⦁ Amy Spriggs continues to post updates to the website and on social media.

Old Business

Where’s Charlie

  • Deb Wendel was the November winner and received a $25 Chamber gift certificate

Hometown Christmas Review

  • Despite the rain and cold, the setup went well. Discussion for train parking was had. Thank you to Gina Hess and Amy Spriggs for all their work on this event!
Main Street Christmas Lights
  • Several positive comments were received. Ongoing maintenance may need to be discussed in the future.
Santa House
  • Keith Kessen graciously purchased a new mailbox for the house. Thanks Keith!!

New Business

Where’s Charlie

  •  Is placed at Coldwater Flowers for December.

2022 Chamber Banquet

Banquet will be held on Wednesday, February 16th at 6PM. Invitations will be going out between Christmas and New Years. Award nominations are available online.
Postcard and Business Map Update
  • Design 1 option was chosen. 5×7 size was determined

Chamber Picture

  • A picture will be taken at the January meeting of the Chamber Trustees. This will be used for the banquet brochure.

Other Business

3rd year Chamber members should begin looking for interested replacements. This includes
Megan Stull, Gina Hess, and Keith Kessen.

  • Megan will be replaced by Jennifer Overholser
Vice President Discussion
  • Discussion was had regarding potential interest in the Vice President spot. Michelle Clune expressed that she may be willing to do it. Kirstie Miller was also mentioned as a possibility.
Jon Dingledine motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Amy Spriggs.President Keith Kessen adjourned the meeting at 8:12 A.M.