The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual banquet on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 6:00pm at The Coldwater American Legion.

The meeting was called to order by Chris Buschur, President, with the following trustees present: Beth Butler, Shanna Barns, Keith Selhorst, Barb Delzeith, Bob Hibner, Andy Kremer, Jason Wood, Becca Wenning, and Kerri Lauber. Also present was Eric Thomas, Village Manager. Over 170 people attended the 2016 Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce banquet and meeting.

The evening began with a cocktail and social hour. At 6:37p.m., Chris Buschur gave a short opening with acknowledgments to Calico Café and Mary Heinrichs for donating the desserts, and Romer’s Catering and American Legion for hosting the evening’s event. Buschur also recognized special guests in attendance, including Mayor Joe Knapschaefer and his wife Lynn, the Mercer County Commissioners Rick Muhlenkamp, Greg Homan, and Jerry Laffin, and Matt Huffman whom is currently running for the Senate. After concluding these recognitions, Buschur introduced Rev. Allen Brown of Coldwater Methodist Church, who gave the invocation. A dinner was followed by the business meeting.

The business meeting began with president, Chris Buschur introducing the 2015 trustees; President: Chris Buschur, Stepping Ahead; Vice President: Beth Butler, Discovering Abilities/Community Connections; Secretary: Shanna Barns, Briarwood Village; Treasurer: Keith Selhorst, The People’s Bank Co.; Barb Delzeith, Chief Supermarkets; Bob Hibner, Community Sports and Therapy; Andy Kremer, Preferred Insurance; Jason Wood, Coldwater Exempted Village Schools; Angie Lefeld, Mercer Health; Becca Wenning, Brides & Beyond; Kerri Lauber, First Choice Credit Union; and Village Administrator: Eric Thomas, Village of Coldwater. Buschur then continued the meeting by introducing Keith Selhorst, Chamber Treasurer, who gave the treasury report.

Selhorst’s treasury report provided information on the three biggest sources of revenue for the chamber including; 1) the gift certificate program which brought in over $19,898.00 this past year, 2) dues from members which totaled $16,436.48, and 3) aluminum collection which totaled $1,264.87. Selhorst also provided information on the Chamber’s biggest expenses which include public relations and marketing, administrative & capital expenses, and donations to community organizations and efforts. The regular checking account balance as of December 31, 2015 was $20,349.52. A special thank you was issued to the Coldwater Village offices, Chief Supermarkets, and the Coldwater Public Library for assisting with the gift certificate program. The treasury report was accepted with a motion by Barb Delzeith and a second by Andy Kremer.

Chris Buschur then introduced Shanna Barns, who gave the annual secretary’s report. Barns informed the Chamber members that in 2015 the Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce consisted of 212 paid Chamber members. 6 new members joined the Chamber in 2015. Barns also stated that all regular minutes of the Coldwater Chamber meetings are posted on the website at and minutes from last year’s annual meeting were provided at the tables. Bob Hibner made a motion to approve the secretary’s report; Eric Thomas seconded.

At this time, Mayor Joe Knapschaefer was introduced and provided his annual address to the chamber. Upon his completion, Chris Buschur then provided a 2015year in review. Highlights of the 2015 year include:

1) 3rd Taste of the Town was a wonderful event with beautiful weather. Buschur acknowledged The Village of Coldwater and Imperial Tent for their assistance with the event.

2) Highlighted the annual Community Picnic activities including Lemonade Stand, Side Walk Sales Booth, and parade entry.

3) The continued growth with the annual Christmas activities with the Coldwater Hometown Christmas. The activities with the event were well attended.

4) Provided a website update with Charlie at the Chamber and the continued efforts for members to become more active with the website for 2016. Members were asked to simply click on Charlie on the website and email him any questions that they may have or updates that they would like to provide.

5) Buschur concluded her review with a personal thank you for the support and dedication for the last three years of her term with the Chamber.

President Chris Buschur welcomed a few organizations for 2015 as Special Presentations to provide an update on their progress and success for the year

Special Presentations Included:

CPAC Building Project Presentation: Eric Goodwin and Charmaine Bettinger

House of Hope Presentation: Tonya Huber and Bruce Swonger

Mercer Health Presentation: Mindy Kremer

Tree Commission Presentation: Eric Thomas and Alex Uhlenhake

President Chris Buschur welcomed Eric Thomas to begin the annual awards presentation by introducing Citizen of the Year. Presenting other awards for Volunteer of the Year, Community Improvement of the Year, and Business of the Year, were Beth Butler, Bob Hibner, Becca Wenning, and Chris Buschur.

Receiving the Awards:

Citizens of the Year: Tonya Huber

Volunteer of the Year: Mindy Kremer

Community Improvement Award: Coldwater Booster Club

Co-Business of the Year: Coldwater Home Service (100th Anniversary) and Ray’s Refrigeration (70th Anniversary)

After the award presentation, Chris Buschur announced the 2016 chamber trustee nominees; Shanna Barns from Briarwood Village; Kylie Lefeld from Kenn-Feld Group; Sher Stahl from Valco; and Elizabeth Wenning from Elizabeth Ann Photography. A motion to approve these nominees was made Keith Selhorst and seconded by Bob Hibner. Buschur introduced the roles for this coming year which include officers: Beth Butler, President; Angie Lefeld, Vice President; Shanna Barns, Secretary; and Keith Sellhorst, Treasurer.

Incoming President, Beth Butler, provided a brief closing and summary of upcoming events for the Chamber of Commerce. After, door prizes and 50/50 winners were announced; a motion to adjourn was made Jason Wood with a second by Barb Delzeith.


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