MINUTES – July 11th, 2017

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 at the Village Offices with Kim Heitkamp from CHP (Home Care & Hospice in Celina).

Trustees Present:  Angie Lefeld, Kylie Lange, Liz Wenning, Keith Selhorst, Becca Wenning, Jason Wood, Brittany Uhlenhake, Janel Schulte, Sher Stahl and Eric Thomas.

President Angie Lefeld called the meeting to order at 7:32 a.m.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Keith Selhorst. Lots of activity this past month with the Taste of the Town. Keith presented the Taste of the Town recap, it cost the Chamber $224.70 after all inflows & outflows. The food sales were about even from last year but drink sales were down. The reports were motioned for approval by Jason Wood and seconded by Brittany Uhlenhake. Motion carried.

Checking Balance – $31,728.01

Gift Certificate Balance – $12,370.97

Secretary’s Report– the minutes from the June meeting were provided prior to the meeting date and handed out by Secretary, Kylie Lange. One change was made, the survey has not been sent out to vendors on the Taste of the Town. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Becca Wenning and seconded by Janel Schulte. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Lemonade Stand – Chairman Angie Lefeld has been in contact with Phi Beta Sorority and Elaine Eichenauer to get people to cover the shifts. The plan is to open the stand at 1 PM on Saturday and 3 PM on Sunday. The Phi Beta Sorority will not be able to help that early on Saturday so the Chamber is going to cover both groups.  Angie will send out the final schedule shortly, she is still needing some help if anyone has family or friends willing to help. If needed, Becca will reach out to members looking to volunteer. Angie also reported that the picnic committee is going to try iced coffee again this year from Calico.

Parade – Kylie Lange got the Kenn-Feld Group to donate a gator for the parade, working on a four-seat gator. We will place the Coldwater Chamber of Commerce sign on the gator. Angie & Becca believe they could get some kids willing to walk in the parade handing out promotional Chamber items. Liz Wenning is going to pull some prices on sunglasses and possibly some other items. We are needing around 500 of the item and Keith reported our planned budget is around $800.  Kylie Lange filled out the parade entry form and going to hand into village office after meeting.

Banquet – The date is planned for February 21st, 2018. Angie is going to contact Marcia Homan at the legion to make sure the date is reserved.

Old Business

Leadership Class – Since Vice President Liz Wenning is expecting a baby in January she is going to pass on going to the leadership classes this year. Becca Wenning and Sher Stahl are going to check their schedules to see if either of them are willing to go in place of Liz. We may possibly send them both if spots are available.

New Business

American Legion – Angie was contacted by Ron Stachler that the “Salute our Vets” banners have had huge success. So much that they are needing to purchase more brackets to place banners around Briarwood. These banners will be on the lights at the entrance and around the circle around Briarwood. The Chamber agreed we will purchase the additional brackets needed. Keith Selhorst suggested Liz takes pictures and let the members know by Facebook & at the annual banquet that we purchased the brackets.

President Angie Lefeld adjourned the meeting at 8:06 AM. The motion to end the meeting was approved by Brittany Albers and seconded by Jason Wood.


Save the Dates:

Hometown Christmas – November 19th, 2017

Chamber Banquet – February 21st, 2018

Taste Of The Town – June 5th, 2018