MINUTES – July 10th, 2018

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 at the Village Offices with no guest present.

Trustees Present: Janel Schulte, Kylie Lange, Keith Selhorst, Jack Schwegman, Jason Wood, Brittany Uhlenhake, Nathan Burtch & Eric Thomas.

Vice President Janel Schulte called the meeting to order at 7:29 a.m.

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Keith Selhorst, our biggest expense and income for the month was Taste of the Town. Other expenses included circus breakfast supplies, parade items and flower contribution for downtown. Keith reviewed the Taste of the Town recap; our inflows were $2,762.10 and outflows were $2,193.19. The Taste of the Town this year profited $568.91.

The reports were motioned for approval by Brittany Uhlenhake and seconded by Jason Wood. Motion carried.

      • Checking Balance – $23,434.22
      • Gift Certificate Balance – $13,970.04


  • Secretary’s Report– the minutes from the June meeting were provided prior to the meeting date and handed out by Secretary, Kylie Lange. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Jack Schwegman and seconded by Nathan Burtch. Motion carried.


. Committee Reports


  • Taste of the Town – It was brought up that two suggestion responses were forwarded to Liz and no additional suggestions have been made to improve the Taste of the Town. Eric Thomas stated next year we are hoping to move a little closer to the band area. However, some people like to come out and socialize so we don’t want to get too close to the band. Janel brought up next year we need to have better signs at ticket booth.
  • Lemonade Stand – Kylie noted that the shifts are all full expect for one spot on Sunday from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Anyone willing to help with this shift please let Kylie know. Anyone working the first Saturday shift, the picnic board would like for us to open at 2 PM instead of 3 PM due to the activities beginning at 2 PM. Kylie is hoping to send out the schedule the week before the picnic to volunteers to remind them of their shift.



Old Business


  • Coldwater Parade – the Parade registration was sent in.  Kylie has also contacted Kenn-Feld Group regarding borrowing a John Deere gator again this year. Liz has ordered some promotional items from Totally Promotional, which includes koozies, Frisbees and sunglasses. Anyone wanting to participate in the parade please let Kylie know. Once Keith gets our registration information he is going to let Kylie know so she can pick it up at the bank. We can then make plans where and when to meet on parade day.


New Business

  • No new business.

Jason Wood motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Nate Burtch. Vice President Janel Schulte adjourned the meeting at 7:42 AM.


Save the Dates:

Coldwater Community Picnic – August 4th & 5th

Hometown Christmas – November 18th, 2018

Chamber Banquet – February 13th, 2019