MINUTES – July 12th, 2016

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 at the Village Offices.
Trustees Present:  Beth Butler, Angie Lefeld, Keith Selhorst, Kylie Lefeld, Kerri Lauber, Becca Wenning, Andy Kremer, Jason Wood, Shanna Barns, and Eric Thomas.

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Butler at 7:33 am.

Introduction of Guests
John Yoder, Jordan Diller, and Justin Diller visited the chamber meeting to discuss their recent attendance to the Ohio Business Week at Ohio Dominican Republic. The students were spilt up into thirteen different companies while at the camp. Each company had to complete a project to present to a board of judges. The students reported that they had many fun activities to enjoy with other students and made many news friends.

Officer Reports
• Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Keith Selhorst and was motioned by Andy Kremer and seconded by Kylie Lefled.  Motion carried.
◦ Checking Balance – $27,532.05
◦ Gift Certificate Balance – $10,877.54

Secretary’s Report

The minutes from the June trustee meeting provided prior to the meeting date and handed out by Secretary, Shanna Barns. The meeting minutes were approved, with a motion by Jason Wood and seconded by Becca Wenning.

Committee Reports
• Membership- The membership committee would be meeting after the Chamber’s meeting to review membership drive and recruitment ideas.
• Website/Social Media- Becca shared that information about supporting Tri-Star 2.0 was sent out in an email to the membership. At this time, we only have one more member spotlight that has been turned in and will be shared. The committee is still promoting other businesses to turn in a membership spotlight to highlight in upcoming newsletters. For the Charlie at the Chamber weekly newsletter, there is only a 39% open rate for these. The bounce back rate if very low which counts for many people not reading the emails.
• Taste of the Town- No report
• Benefits Dinner- Beth approached the Auglaize/Mercer County Safety Council about holding a joint meeting with SOCCA, to which the response was no. The committee will look at sharing information with upcoming events and the membership drives. In looking at other options with partnering with other chambers, the concern that was shared from them was about the drive for members. Also discussed the upcoming Leadership in Action class and the free membership. The board discussed about highlighting the information more and also high light past attendees in upcoming newsletters.
• Parade- Andy shared that the trailer has been confirmed for the week before the picnic and he will be looking for help due to prior commitments.  Discussion was had on keeping the 80’s theme and also celebrating the 50th year. There will be an upcoming Parade Committee planning meeting to further the details.
• Lemonade Stand- The next meeting for the Community Picnic is set for 7/14/2016 to which Angie will be attending. The Chamber will not be doing the Ice Pops or the Italian Ice but instead iced coffee and lemonade. Currently asking for volunteers to sign up to assist with the stand. The stand will be starting at 3pm instead of 2pm due to many people finishing up with the parade.
• Banquet- The American Legion Hall has been reserved for 2/15/2017.
• Christmas Open House- The date has been set for 11/27/2016 with the Chamber forgoing the hot cocoa this year due to the Hometown Bakery handing it out as well. The committee will be meeting to further discuss details.
Old Business
• Chamber 50th Year Celebration- We have reached out to the Daily Standard about highlighting a member in the newspaper as part of the celebration. The spotlights for the month of June ended on the 30th with an additional 20 spots to run in July.
New Business
• Leadership in Action- Discussed prior in Benefits Dinner section.
• Spotlights/Recognition – Discussed earlier Website/Social Media.
• Discussion with Greg Homan- Beth was approached by Greg Homan about doing something to recognize the students who volunteer in the community or businesses. Many times only the students who are going to school or in sports gain recognition. Discussion was had on doing a “Chamber C” as a letter for their jackets for students who donate time to a business or work at a business during their high school career. The board mentioned that if the chamber decided to do something of this nature then the businesses would be responsible to submit names to the chamber for the letters. Further discussion on the matter to be had at future meetings.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:29 am with a motion from Jason Wood, seconded by Andy Kremer.


Save the Dates:
Sidewalk Sales – August 5-6th, 2016
Coldwater Community Picnic – August 6-7th, 2016
Community Parade – August 7th, 2016