MINUTES – March 14th, 2017

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 at the Village Offices with no guest present.

Trustees Present:  Angie Lefeld, Elizabeth Wenning, Kylie Lange, Keith Selhorst, Mindy Schwieterman, Kerri Lauber, Becca Wenning, Brittany Uhlenhake, Kim Rammel, Janel Schulte, and Eric Thomas.

President Angie Lefeld called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.

Officer Reports


  • Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Keith Selhorst. The 2017 Budget Proposal was provided to the trustees and was reviewed. After a discussion, the 2017 Budget Proposal and Report was motioned for approval by Mindy Schwieterman and seconded by Kerri Lauber. Motion carried.


      • Checking Balance – $31,608.38
      • Gift Certificate Balance – $10,815.97


  • Secretary’s Report– the minutes from the January trustee meeting were provided prior to the meeting date and handed out by Vice President, Liz Wenning. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Becca Wenning and seconded by Kerri Lauber.
  • New Officers – The new officers were presented: Angie Lefeld – President, Elizabeth Wenning – Vice President, Keith Selhorst – Treasurer and Kylie Lange – Secretary. The motion for approval by Mindy Schwieterman and seconded by Brittany Albers.


Committee Reports


  • Memberships – Angie Lefeld, Elizabeth Wenning & Keith Selhorst will serve on this committee to continue to approach new businesses to join or continue their memberships. More plaques may need ordered to give to new members.
  • Website/Social Media- Trustees were notified that a $30 fee was due for website maintenance. The new trustees were asked if any of them would be interested in taking of the website/social media once Becca Wenning’s term ended. Brittany Uhlenhake expressed interest in learning and taking over for Becca.
  • SOCCA Luncheon – Discussion was made to longer have this event due to a lack of interest from the members.
  • Taste of the Town- Date has been set for June 6th, 2017. After the next trustee meeting in April, a committee meeting will be set and a date will be set for a vendor meeting. In the past, the committee held two meetings with vendors and it was agreed that only one was necessary. Eric Thomas suggested we get the letters out to the vendors so they are informed of the 2017 date so they could mark their calendars.
  • Lemonade Stand – Becca Wenning and Angie Lefeld will be chairs for this committee with second year members, Kylie Lange and Mindy Schwieterman and first year member, Janel Schulte.
  • Parade – Discussion was made about possibly just having something simple in the parade again this year. Possibly get a gator to pass out Coldwater Chamber promotional items. Becca Wenning stated she would be willing to line up the promotional items.
  • Hometown Christmas – Date has been set for Sunday, November 19th, 2017, the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
  • Banquet- Date has been set for February 21st, 2018. Liz Wenning informed the trustees that Bob Hibner gave her the remaining items from the banquet and it was added to our supply closet until next year.  Keith will give a Banquet Budget follow up next month after all the invoices have been received.


Old Business

  • Leadership Class – Discussion was made to send Vice President, Liz Wenning to the leadership class. We will be doing a raffle to send another representative.  Becca will be sending an email to members on how to participate in the raffle.  


New Business

  • Arts in the Park – The Chamber has made a $550 donation in the past to this activity. Keith has contacted the organization who puts on this activity to see if they would be willing to present to the Chamber a little more about what they do and has not received a response. Discussion was made on continuing support of this activity.  It was agreed to continue this event this summer because the kids who participate really enjoy it. Becca is going to advertise it more on social media and our website to get more local kids involved.
  • Shirts – Discussion was made to purchase new shirts for all the trustees.
  • Gift Certificates – Discussion was made to update the list of businesses who accept gift certificates. Discussion was had about the gift certificate program and whether it still serves a purpose.  Becca is going to send out a survey to see what everyone’s opinion is on this subject.


  • Budget – Becca Wenning reported the budget was missing the “Youth in Action” portfolios which she will send an invoice to Keith.  A stipend was made to pay the Social Media Committee $350 a year for their work.
  • CSI Digest – Angie Lefeld is going to forward email to Becca Wenning to forward information to Chamber Businesses.


Save the Dates:

Taste Of The Town – June 6th, 2017

Hometown Christmas – November 19th, 2017

Chamber Banquet – February 21st, 2018