MINUTES – May 10th, 2016

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 at the Village Offices.

Trustees Present: Beth Butler, Angie Lefeld, Keith Selhorst, Kylie Lefeld, Sher Stahl, Elizabeth Wenning, Bob Hibner, Kerri Lauber, Becca Wenning, Jason Wood, and Eric Thomas.

The meeting was called to order by President Beth Butler at 7:30 am.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Keith Selhorst and was motioned by Jason Wood and seconded by Becca Wenning. Motion carried.
Checking Balance – $29,067.17
Gift Certificate Balance – $11,677.54
Keith presented to the group that gift certificate sales are down a little bit. All in all, the budget is pretty much in line. We are $1,600 over in membership with three members past due. Keith will be making contact with those local businesses about renewal. Also, $350 over in budget for Ohio Scholarship. Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Jason Wood and seconded by Becca Wenning. Motion carried.
Secretary’s Report The minutes from the April trustee meeting were sent out prior to the meeting date and were provided by President, Beth Butler. The meeting minutes were approved, with a motion by Sher Stahl and seconded by Bob Hibner.

Committee Reports

Membership- the Little Machine Shop IMS Machining signed up in May as a new member. Will be reaching out to new businesses with new member packets this Summer and possibly do a membership drive. Need to update the banner with all of the current members prior to the taste of the town.
Website/Social Media- Kylie uploaded the member spotlight google form for members to fill out and send back to Becca. Basic questions on the form and maybe setup a google drive for the chamber to save information and pictures of members to place on with their spotlight.
Taste of the Town- Passed around the sign- up sheet for workers during the event to sell tickets, water and pop. Cut down on pop and water supply this year. Roessner’s was contacted to supply the lights for the tents. Everyone has been contacted and everything is in order. 6:00 p.m. the dedication of colors and National Anthem at the Mariner’s games. The Empty Tanks is the band playing for the evening. The Kiwanis opted not to hold the art show this year.
Circus- Kylie reported that she had placed the order with Chiefs for the donut mix as well as the milk and orange juice. She will pick it up at 6:30 a.m. Kerri contacted ICS and they will be delivering and picking up the coffee. The breakfast is being held at the depot.
Benefits Dinner- Hold the SOCA benefits dinner in July and promote the insurance benefits to the group to offer Medical Insurance at a cheaper rate. This will once again be held at Briarwood.

Old Business

Hiring Fair- It was decided to forgo the hiring fair and decided we would instead promote the yearly business forum held at Wright State Lake Campus.

New Business

Checking balance- Items brought up were to possibly have a professional speaker for the banquet or give everyone who attends a drink ticket. Beautify the town by purchasing decorations for the down town area for home town Christmas.
Chamber 50 year celebration ideas – Beth will look into the history piece by looking for information from 1986 to the present and will get with the Daily Standard. Keith will go back through the old signature cards to find past presidents – possibility for a float. Becca is going to get with Deb Steinbrunner.
Tri-Star 2.0 levy in August- Bob would like to see the Chamber promote this. Motion to endorse it was made by Bob Hibner and seconded by Kerri Lauber. Becca will get information from Jared Ebbing and Tim Buschur.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion from Kylie Lefeld, seconded by Jason Wood.


Save the Dates:

Sidewalk Sales – August 5-6th, 2016
Coldwater Community Picnic – August 6-7th, 2016
Community Parade – August 7th, 2016