The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held the monthly meeting at the Village Offices on
Tuesday November 9, 2021 at 7:33am.

Trustees Present:Keith Kessen, Jon Dingledine, Eric Thomas, Gina Hess, Kylie Thwaits, Bryce Schlater,
Amy Spriggs, Kirstie Miller, and Michelle Clune.


  • No guests present

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report – was presented by Kylie Thwaits. The reports were motioned to approve
by Michelle Clune and seconded by Bryce Schlater. Discussion was had regarding possibly opening
up a CD and transferring some of the Gift Certificate balance into it.

 ⦁ Checking balance as of October 31, 2021: $33,464.71

 ⦁ Gift Certificate balance as of October 31, 2021: $19,120.04

  • Secretary’s Report – minutes from the October 12, 2021 were presented by Jon Dingledine. The
    minutes were motioned to approve by Gina Hess and seconded by Kylie Thwaits.

Committee Reports


 ⦁ No new members

⦁ Membership renewal notices will be mailed soon.

⦁ Website/ Social Media

⦁ Amy Spriggs continues to post updates to the website and on social media. Hometown
Christmas promotions will be starting soon. We have not received much information
from businesses to share

Old Business

⦁ Where’s Charlie

⦁ Alissa Muhlenkamp was the October winner and received a $25 Chamber gift

New Business

  • Where’s Charlie

⦁  Is placed at Simply Natural Aromatherapy for November.

  • Santa House 
    Decorating will be done on November 17th at 3PM. The town will deliver the lights.
  •   Hometown Christmas

The event is taking place on Sunday, November 21st from 11:30AM – 3:00PM. Posters
have been printed and distributed. Gift baskets will be replaced with Cash prizes this
year due to the type of business donation received. Generic entry forms will be ordered.
The committee is also working on prizes for a Kids drawing.

  •   2022 Chamber Banquet
    Banquet will be held on Wednesday, February 16th at 6PM. We do have the hall booked
    the entire day for setup purposes.
  •   Postcard and Business Map Update
    Michelle Clune passed out a sample postcard that she has been working on to welcome
    new businesses. Discussion was had regarding the postcard also being used to
    encourage existing businesses to join the Chamber. Michelle was still waiting on some
    information in order to create a sample of the business map. Thanks Michelle for getting
    this project started!
  •  Main and Second St. Christmas Light updates
    This project, led by Brad Niekamp, is moving right along. Painting is currently being done
    at Schwieterman’s Custom Body.
  • 2022 Trustee Positions
    Discussion was had regarding the trustee positions for the upcoming year. Kylie Thwaits
    will remain Treasurer (3 year commitment). Jon Dingledine volunteered to remain the
    Secretary. Amy Spriggs volunteered to move into the President role. We will need a Vice


Other Business

  • 3rd year Chamber members should begin looking for interested replacements. This includes
    Megan Stull, Gina Hess, and Keith Kessen.

Gina Hess motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Kirstie Miller. President Keith Kessen
adjourned the meeting at 8:21 A.M.