MINUTES – November 11th, 2019

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 11, 2019 at the Village Offices.

Trustees Present: Janel Schulte, Brad Niekamp, Keith Selhorst, Leah Koesters, Keith Kessen, Brittany Uhlenhake, Amber Evers, Megan Stull, Jack Schwegman, Nathan Burtch, Gina Hess & Eric Thomas

President Janel Schulte called the meeting to order at 7:32 A.M. 

Guests: Joe McClurg with Rooster Joe Coffee & Co. presented what Rooster Joe will bring to Coldwater, OH. Located at 300 W. Sycamore St, Rooster Joe is conveniently located near Elevate Fitness as well as Totally Promotional among other businesses in the area that Joe hopes to attract as customers. Rooster Joe’s name came to fruition due to Joe raising roosters at his father-in-laws farm. Roosters are known for being full of life in the morning and Joe is his name. Rooster Joe will serve coffee as well as some morning food including danish pastries, quiches, muffins, etc. Eventually Rooster Joe’s will also serve lunch foods including sandwiches, soups & salads.  Joe mentioned he hopes to have it open around the Holiday or the first of the year. When opened, hours of operation as listed on the website is 5:45AM-4 PM Monday-Friday and 7:30-2 PM Saturday.

Officer Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report- was presented by Keith Selhorst. Keith S. reviewed the October 2019 Income and Expenses. October income was $1,550.85. Expenses were $76.40 The reports were motioned for approval by Jack Schwegman and seconded by Gina Hess. Motion carried.  

o Checking Balance – $27,697.07

o Gift Certificate Balance – $16,217.54

  • Secretary’s Report– the minutes from the October meeting were provided prior to the meeting by Secretary Keith Kessen and reviewed by the Chamber trustee members. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion to approve by Jack Schwegman and seconded by Megan Stull. Motion carried.

 Committee Reports

  • Membership- One new member- Machine Pro Technologies based out of Celina, OH
  • Website/Social Media – Leah to continue to work on website/ social media and will continue to post holiday events as well as Chamber Chatters. It was also suggested by Janel to have a Hometown Christmas Giveaway. Maybe post something about Hometown Christmas if they like or share the event, the winner will receive a $25 chamber gift card.


Old Business

  • McDonalds Grand Opening– Grand opening went well. Janel also talked with McDonalds about the old building, and as of now they are looking to sell the old McDonalds building.
  • Where’s Charlie- Brad will get everything lined up after Hometown Christmas. Brad will compile an informative flier to bring to businesses and discuss this event with interested parties.

New Business 

  • Kyle Lentz with Ohio Attorney General– Asked to speak about visiting the Chamber to chat about Coldwater. He may get in contact with the Chamber in the future.
  • Hometown Christmas –November 24th, 2019. New this year their will be a North Pool area that will serve hot chocolate. Buzzards Glory Community Club will hand out passports for Hometown Christmas. Also, their will be a 5K that morning at 10AM beginning by the Park Depot.
  • Chamber 2020 banquet– This years’ banquet will be held on February 12, 2020 at American Legion. Janel will work on getting the Banquet committee together.
  • Composting for Coldwater (Robotics Club)- Robotics Club is looking at purchasing composting bins. Chamber will donate the budgeted $250 to the Robotics Club. The Robotics Club will go around to restaurants to take some discarded composting foods and bring them out near the new soccer fields. Eric T. informed us that eventually the composting will be relocated to the current community gardens area.
  • New Trustees– If you are expiring as a Trustee, look for possible replacements. Also, if interested look into VP or Secretarial positions for next year.


Leah Koesters motioned to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Jack Schwegmen. 

President Janel Schulte adjourned the meeting at 8:14 A.M.


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