MINUTES – November 10th, 2015

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

at 7:30 a.m. at the Village Offices.

The meeting was called to order by President Chris Buschur with the following trustees present: Bob Hibner,

Andy Kremer, Angie Lefeld, Becca Wenning, Barb Delzeith, and Kerri Lauber, as well as Eric Thomas. Absent

were Keith Selhorst and Mark Reigelsperger.

The minutes from the October trustee meeting were approved, with the altercation of the word Treasurer being

changed to Secretary for Shanna Holland, with a motion by Andy Kremer and seconded by Becca Wenning.

In Keith Selhost’s absence, President Chris Buschur gave the treasurer’s report with an ending balance for the

month of October in the regular checking account of $23,528.64. Chris did mention that the Chamber will be

looking at spending some money in newer Christmas lights to replace those that are of non-working order. Barb

Delzeith motioned to approve the report; it was seconded by Bob Hibner.

 Andy Kremer and Barb Delzeith reported things were going smoothly with the preparations for the

Chamber’s Annual Hometown Christmas, which will be held Sunday 11-22-15. The Hometown

Christmas Committee also discussed advertisements and locations of these ads during the event. The

committee also had discussion about sponsoring Santa’s House and a local business decorating the

house for one week prior to the event. The committee will trial it for this year with Preferred Insurance

completing the decorations and the potential idea of auction the sponsorship off next year to a local

chamber business. A motion to approve the Santa House sponsorship was completed by Bob Hibner,

and seconded by Angie Lefeld. Andy also reported that the Christmas trees of 4 in total were coming

shortly to be put up. There was also discussion on placing the Chamber banner out at the Hometown

Christmas event this year.

 Bob Hibner reported information regarding the Annual Banquet and shared that Becca Wenning will be

working on a Save the Date. At this time meals costs will be a $13.50 per person. The date of the event

 Beth Butler and Chris Buschur presented the thought of having some sort of marketing folder for new or

potential members. The trustees discussed ideas of information to include and formatting. Chris and

Beth will be looking into this more and also reaching out to SOCCA for information to include in the

 Chris reported in Keith’s absences that pens have been ordered per pervious meeting.

 Chris presented that the Chamber would like to purchase notepads as marketing collateral. Discussion

was had and a motion was made by Bob Hibner to have Chris shop around to local printers who are

Chamber members and allow the purchase at the best price. The motion was seconded by Barb Delzeith.

 Chris also reported that the additional plaques that had been ordered look very nice. Any existing

members that does not have a plaque for their “year” sticker is asked to contact the Chamber so that we

may make sure you receive one.

 Mark Reigelsperger was not at the meeting to report his finding on the RX Drug card as per the

 Introduction of Shanna Holland, now Shanna Barns due to recent marriage, as the new secretary.

 Becca Wenning presented on the Chamber website and that we have been experiencing issues for

roughly 3-4 months. Per Becca’s investigation it was found that the website was attacked by a virus to

which actually attacked the server itself. This attack has caused 32,000 lines of infected code and Becca

will have to completely rebuild the website due to this. The current website has been moved to a

different server and is a basic layout but functional at this time for Chamber business. Becca presented

that to ensure that this does not happen again in the future that the Chamber will need to purchase a

protection package from a third party website at roughly $199 for the entire year of service. Bob Hibner

motion for approval that Becca may spend up to $200 for a protection package for the Chamber website.

The motion was seconded by Kerri Lauber. Discussion was also had to include the amount of the tech

protection package to the 2016 budget.

 Bob Hibner mention information on the video for the ABC Grant and the information will be shared by

Chris through a separate email to the trustees.

 Eric Thomas shared with the group that the taste of the town dedication went very well. Will hold

dedications of the wood cravings that are completed each year at different community events. The 5th

and final craving will be completed in the next 1-2 years.

Meeting was adjourned with a motion from Barb Delzeith, seconded by Andy Kremer.


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