The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 at the Village Office

Trustees Present: Keith Kessen, Amy Spriggs, Kylie Thwaits, Gina Hess, Jason Wood, Kirstie Miller,  Megan Stull, Bryce Schlater and Eric Thomas

President Keith Kessen called the meeting to order at 7:32 A.M.

 Introduction of Guests:

Brad Niekamp

 Brad Niekamp gave an update for new Christmas Decorations along Main St. and Second St and brought in a prototype.

Lefeld Welding are making 30 of these snowflake decorations.

Cost to be around $250 each plus costs if painted by Custom Body Shop

Mounts to be used are the same as the current veteran flags

It was suggested to paint the snowflake white by Chamber members for daytime looks and cover some blemishes.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report– was presented by Kylie Thwaits. The reports for September were motioned for approval by Gina and seconded by Bryce. Motion carried.

 ⦁ Checking account balance as of September 30,2021= $32,498.57

Gift Certificate Balance as of September 30, 2021 – $18,540.04

Kylie wants to begin with online banking which was motion for approval by Jason and seconded by Megan. Motion carried

Secretary’s Report– The minutes from the September meeting were provided prior to the meeting by President Keith Kessen. Two corrections to the minutes from September include 1. Gina Hess has mailed the Hometown Christmas as opposed to email them and 2. Under New Business for Where’s Charlie, Keith Kessen placed Where’s Charlie in Cavalier Nutrition for September. The meeting minutes were approved with a motion by Gina Hess and seconded by Bryce Schlater.

Committee Reports

Membership ⦁ New Members- No new members for September

⦁ Website/ Social Media

⦁ Amy continues to post and will continue to share to promote businesses.

Old Business

⦁ Where’s Charlie

⦁ Winner for September $25 gift certificate was Kristen Hopf.

New Business⦁

Where’s Charlie

⦁ Where’s Charlie was placed at Family Vet Services for the month of October.

⦁ Hometown Christmas 

⦁ Date set for Sunday, November 21st, 2021 from 11:30AM-3:00PM

⦁ Ponies and train were confirmed⦁ Keith K to verify with Fire Dept. if Nov.21st at 1:30 works for Santa to go on fire truck again.

⦁ Santa House decorating is set up for November 17th at 3PM for the Chamber to decorate it.

⦁ 2022 Chamber Banquet

⦁ Date changed from Wed. February 9th to Wed. February 16th due to the Legion redoing their floors.

⦁ Responsibilities to be split up between banquet committee members whom includes Keith Kessen, Amy Spriggs, Kirstie Miller, and Michelle Clune


⦁ SOCA now requires all participationg Chamber of Commerce’s to complete one mandatory zoom training session that covers membership requirements and web site features. Keith Kessen, Amy Spriggs, and Kylie Thwaits agreed to attend.

 ⦁ Main St/ Second St. Christmas Decorations

⦁ To cover the costs for the Christmas decorations along Second St. and Main St. it was suggested to bump up the donations from $8000 to $9000. Motion for approval by Bryce and seconded by Kirstie. Motion approved

Other Business

⦁ Postcard and brochure updates

⦁ It was agreed that a postcard for new potential Chamber members are needed as soon as possible. Michelle Clune to look into costs/ design.

⦁ 3rd year Chamber Trustees

⦁ 3rd year Chamber Trustees to begin looking for replacements. Megan Stull, Gina Hess, and Keith Kessen are 3rd year members.Megan mentioned Jennifer Overholser will replace her.

⦁ Trunk or Treat

⦁ Sponsored by Coldwater Community Picnic.

Local businesses to line up by depot, hang up business banner and pass out candy during/ after the parade.

⦁ October 31st from 2-4PM.

Jason Wood motioned to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Gina Hess.  President Keith Kessen adjourned the meeting at 8:15 AM.


Save the Dates:Hometown Christmas –Sunday November 21th, 20212022 Chamber Banquet- Wednesday February 16th, 2022