MINUTES – September 13th, 2016

The Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce held its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at the Village Offices.

Trustees Present:  Angie Lefeld, Keith Selhorst, Kylie Lefeld, Bob Hibner, Kerri Lauber, Sher Stahl, Jason Wood, and Andy Kremer.

The meeting was called to order by Vice President Angie Lefeld at 7:30 am.

Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report was presented by Keith Selhorst and was motioned by Bob Hibner and seconded by Jason Wood.  Motion carried. 

Checking Balance – $25,713.97

Gift Certificate Balance – $10,212.54

Keith presented to the group that we had a couple of expenses that came in, but all in all the budget is still in line.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Bob Hibner and seconded by Jason Wood.  Motion carried.

Secretary’s Report The minutes from the August trustee meeting were sent out prior to the meeting date and were provided by Vice President, Angie Lefeld.  The meeting minutes were approved, with a motion by Sher Stahl and seconded by Kerri Lauber.

Committee Reports

Membership   Angie reported that we will be passing out membership packets to those not currently a member to make them aware of the benefits.  It was determined that there are approximately 70 businesses to reach out to for the membership drive.  A sample packet was passed around.    

Website/Social Media Becca to update the website with information on the Home Town Christmas and banquet date and information.

Taste of the Town  Possibly still waiting on one bill yet, otherwise nothing new to report. 

Hometown Christmas Set for 11/20/16.  Andy confirmed the date.  Talked about the dates to do the drawings for the gift certificates and gift basket.  Decided to not have the hot chocolate because the bakery is already providing it and did not want to take away from them.  Discussed whether to have the carriage vs. the wagon.  Need to make signs for the businesses and donors for the carriage rides.  Discussed whether to charge for the pony rides or should chamber pay and accept canned goods for donations?  Will have the choir and show choir signing again as well as a singer like last year. 

Banquet Scheduled for 2/15/17.  Bob Hibner confirmed the date with Marcia Homan of the Coldwater American Legion for the hall, otherwise nothing new.

Old Business

Chamber 50 year celebration Nothing new.  We all agreed to buy the new Christmas banner/lights.  Need to find out if Eric will take care of it and we pay?

New Business

Nominations for Secretary and Replacement first year trustee Voted on the nominations for secretary to replace Shanna, who resigned.  Voted and it was awarded to Liz Wenning.  Mindy Schwieterman was nominated to take the opening for the vacant trustee spot.  A vote was taken and she was elected.

Meeting was adjourned  by Angie with a motion from Kerri Lauber, seconded by Kylie Lefeld.


Save the Dates:

Hometown Christmas – November 20, 2016

Banquet – February 15, 2017


Our mission: “To enhance the growth and prosperity of the community through the support and promotion of our members.”